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                                               Administrative Court, Sofia City
1301 Sofia
17 George Washington Street
Web address
+359 2/4215 700
Administrative Secretary
+359 2/4224 034
Accounting Department
+359 2/4224 035
Tel./fax 02/4215 715
Registry Office
                                   +359 2/4215 724
Record Department
Tel./fax +359 2/4215 727
Lawyers Office
+359 2/4215 729
Court Secretaries
+359 2/4215 716, +359 2/4215 718
E-mail addresses:        acc.kabinet@abv.bg
Chairman of the Court predsedatel@sfg-adc.justice.bg
Secretary of the Chairman kabinet@sfg-adc.justice.bg
Administrative Secretary admsecretar@sfg-adc.justice.bg
Public Relations press@sfg-adc.justice.bg
Accounting Department schetovodstvo@sfg-adc.justice.bg
System Administrator sysadmin@sfg-adc.justice.bg
Bank Account for State Fees
IBAN: BG13 BNBBG 9661 3100 1783 01
Bulgarian National Bank Central Office
Bank Account for Experts
IBAN: BG04 BNBBG 9661 3300 1783 01
Bulgarian National Bank Central Office
Reception hours of the Chairman of the Administrative Court, Sofia City
Tuesdays from 14.00 to 15.00, preliminary registration required on tel. + 359 2/4215 701
Reception hours of the Deputy Chairpersons of the Administrative Court, Sofia City
Tuesdays from 10.00 to 11.00


The management of the Court kindly requests you always to enter the E-MAIL ADDRESS for speeding up the procedure.

(Promulgated SG No. 30/11.04.2006 enforced at the 12.072006)
Art. 61. (1) The administrative act, respectively the refusal to be issued an act, shall be announced within three days period after its issue to all the interested persons, including these ones, who have not participated in the proceedings.
(2) The announcement can be made by oral notification for the content of the act, which shall be certified by a signature of the official who has made it, or by sending a written announcement, including by e-mail or fax, if the party has given such ones.
(3) When the address of some of the interested persons is unknown or he/she has not been found to the given address, the announcement shall be put on the notice board, on the Internet site of the respective body or shall be announced in another usual way.
Art. 141. Before the court may be submitted electronic documents signed with universal electronic signature, by the order of the Law for the electronic document and electronic signature.